Your Life, Your Story

Allan X
4 min readJan 20, 2022


Definitions and Assumptions

  • The Source/God: a giant blob of spirit energy from which all life is created from
  • Life/You/Spirit/Souls: we look all this from your perspective. It’s like a small ball that extends from the Source
  • The World: think of it as single thing or basically like the Matrix. You just land somewhere on it. It includes the universe, Earth, everything around. It’s just there. Don’t care how it got here or who created it. Something created it, it’s very big and all souls start somewhere on it.

The Opening Scene

So if this were a movie, this is how it all starts.

Zooming into the Source, it looks like a factory where smaller balls of itself extend out of itself connects them to random points around the World.

Focusing now on a smaller blob, a Soul, as it is moving towards the World, you see that it is also carrying a large jar.

And finally panning back out to the big picture, you see a constant flow of “dots” or tentacles going in and out of The World at different spots.

Your Arrival

And now the camera focuses in on You as you are moving into the World but the scene suddenly cuts and into a full white, clean background.

You popup at the center. And then a sort of suit starts being formed around You. Slowly coming out, it turns into a baby.

So now there’s a small baby by itself huddled basically in the middle of no where.

And at this moment, maybe a narrator comes in saying: everyone gets a different one, some good, some bad, comes in all sorts of sizes, random.

Then a sequence of images gets piled on top, of the baby: pictures hospital, your parents, your house, neighborhood.

The scene zooms out and all these things to that were being piled on top of you ripple apart and then settle themselves down around you, filling the whole scene with stuff.

And the Narrator goes: and now your story begins…

Growing Up

Once again the scene is cleared, leaving just You, in the center. See the outlines of the baby body and a small fire and jar within.

Now the scene starts to unfold, outlines of the baby start changing, getting bigger, along the jar within it. And the fire becomes brighter, more opaque.

And then another sequences of images starts flashing over each other. Pictures of different things like school, money, activities, symbols. The individual images transform into small dots as they transition and fill the expanding jar.

Narrator: Now the jar that was once empty, is getting filled though not really by you. For the most, you don’t decide what goes in. After all you’re just a stranger to this new world around you. At this point, there’s not much you can do. Maybe you can decide on a few things but it seems the world around you knows more so why not just listen and do what they say?

There’s no harm in that right?

(It’s like if you get a bunch of mystery boxes. You keep most of the stuff and maybe throw a few away.)

Wait… Something is Not Right…

One day, you just feel something is off.

Maybe something in the jar is beeping, shining, releasing a bad smell… not mixing well with everything else. Or just feels too heavy.

So what do you to do?

You have now encountered/acquired Choice!

Narrator: some people will ignore it, maybe not even notice, others will acknowledge it but won’t or don’t know how to use it.

Life’s just a series of choices, like pit stops.

At each one, you get to pick something, if you want, to put into your jar. And what you put in or remove from your jar affects where you stop next.

There’s probably a lot of maps by now in that jar too. You could continue to follow these maps… but they don’t actually say that you have to use them. Some maybe highly recommended but others could be completely wrong.

You could also turn on autopilot or follow someone else.

Life is Just an Adventure to Fill Your Jar

It is just your time in the theme park, a very big theme park. You can leave some stuff behind if you want but the most important thing is that you are having fun. Whatever fun means to you.

In the end it’s just you, your jar, and how you feel about the things inside it.

But then what happens next when you return to the Source?

Well I don’t know but why should I care? What’s the point in knowing?

-different experiences increases the chances of this happening

-so for each person, really depends. Maybe some people will go through their lives without feeling this, others might experience this moment early on

-each time you make a choice, decide what to pick, keep their away , u develop ur soul