It’s Time for Google to be Split Up

Deja Vu?

You might say that maybe it’s up to the manufacturers to enable it on their phones… but why wouldn’t they?

So Why? Because It Can

Google is still a good search engine but that could be due to it having the most users across all it’s platforms, giving it more data to train its algorithms. Similar to Facebook and its advantage in targeting ads.

How I Met Google: The Good Old Days

When Google (the search engine) first went public, I was probably an early user. I remember it was back in high school, when GMail first came out. One of my friends bought the invites for $1 and shared one with me.

Finally! It’s about time! Maybe 5 years late…

But it seems those good days are behind us. For a company that started with a motto of "don’t be evil (later changed to "do the right thing") and a mission "to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful", it sure doesn’t feel like it now…



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